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Brigantine Area Insight

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    Brigantine, NJ
    I was the former FedEx driver for Brigantine Beach. It is a very nice place that has much more to offer than just the drive on the beach. It is a great vacation spot and also offers an extremely open golf course at the back end. I highly recommend spending a family vacation down there.
  • We have fished Brigantine for many years and caught many fish off the surf! Before you go this year, there have been many changes that effect the beach permits. The north end has now been deemed as a State Park requiring a separate permit, with limited number of vehicles per day and limited times per year for access. The entrance, however, to the north end is still run by the City of Brigantine. Therefore to get onto the north end you need two separate permits. Yes there are two fees.

    It is a great place to fish with our family and we have enjoyed it over the years. The Cove is located at the south end. That is more of the party scene! Unfortunately, at my age, those days are gone. LOL!!! We enjoy the quiet!
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    Brigantine, NJ

    Brigantine Fishing Regulations 2013 – 2014
    Brigantine Beach offers some of the greatest saltwater fishing in South Jersey. Striped Bass, Flounder and King Fish are just a few of the species that local fisherman have reeled in out of our glistening waters. Just bring your rods and bait.... the fish are swimming!! Fishing areas on Brigantine Beach:

    North of 14th Street North
    45th Street – 47th Street
    49th Street (north of Seaside Road)
    South of Jetty (Absecon Inlet)
    Brigantine Bridge
  • As many longtime lovers of Brigantine Beach will tell you, a great part of our beautiful island's charm is its laid-back, serene atmosphere. With the long, sprawling white sand beaches, lavishly landscaped Link's golf course, panoramic views of the bay, lagoon, ocean, and glittering Atlantic City skyline, Brigantine Beach still has managed to maintain its quaint, small town charm. Yet there is still much to do when you come to visit our perfect, beach town.

    For those who love nature we can start with the meticulously maintained assets like the beach, bay, lagoon, abundant wildlife, with a breathtaking observation deck overlooking the National Wildlife Refuge featuring the Forsythe Environmental Center. Additionally, there is the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, which is one of the premiere facilities in South Jersey to care for sea life when the necessity arrives and has housed seals, otters, and stingrays just to name a few majestic creatures over the years.

    Brigantine Striper fishing is some of the best along the East Coast, with many beaches permitting surf fishing, and the entire north end, drive-on beach dedicated to fishermen for the most part, in conjunction with local tackle shops and boat charters to meet all of their needs.

    Horseback riding is another hidden treasure offered on the north end of Brigantine. Spectacular, yet mostly unknown to residents &and visitors alike. There is also the 4x4 Beach Blast Parade, a three day Jet-Ski Weekend, Life-Guard Races and an annual International Surf Competition, for those athletes and beach chair "quarterbacks".

    Brigantine Beach also offers three drive on beaches, which require an annual beach permit that can be purchased on island. These beautifully manicured beaches each have something that will appeal to everyone, from protected swimming, to surfing, to kayaking, wind surfing, paddle boarding and jet skiing, in addition to surf-fishing and horseback riding.

    On those days that water sports are not on your calender there is a magnificent 18-hole Link's Golf Course for the golfers. Also our new community center offers basketball and other indoor sports for the kids, which is located adjacent to our tennis courts, mini golf course and awesome skate park. For the bigger kids, Brigantine Beach is the home to several restaurants and bars, which offer an exciting nightlife option, including a beachfront bar and restaurant where you can have a cocktail in your hand and your toes in the sand under a beautiful starry sky.

    And last, but certainly not least, Brigantine Beach is located just minutes away from the second largest gaming and entertainment capital in the World! Atlantic City's Casinos offer many top-rated restaurants, night clubs, bands and mega-star entertainment available anywhere! And all of it is silhouetted beneath the beautiful skyline that surrounds Brigantine Beach!

    So come on down and enjoy all that Beautiful Brigantine Beach has to offer you! It is truly an island you'll love for life!
  • Andrew Solari
    RE/MAX Coastal
    The Brigantine Community Center and adjoining sports complex, located on 42nd Street, are two very popular recreational features on our island. The Brigantine Community and Recreation Program (CER) offers a huge variety of courses, seminars, concerts, workshops and recreation for citizens of Brigantine of all age groups. The Center includes an indoor playroom for children up to five years old. Seniors age 60 and older are invited to enjoy lunch without cost,as well as enjoy activities such as bingo, exercise, mahjong, trips, yoga and much more. A pool room card playing, board games sewing groups, book clubs and discussion clubs are also very popular activities. Outdoor boccie, tennis, miniature golf, football fields, baseball fields, basketball courts, skate board park and baseball fields are all available for public use.
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    Brigantine, NJ
    Beautiful Brigantine Beach was not always the scenic beach town that we have all come to know and love. In fact, its roots lay in a very different, more wild and untamed place. Dating back to the 1500's Brigantine began as an Indian hunting grounds for the Lenape Tribe, or as they called it "Watamoonica".

    It was in Henry Hudson's ships log that Brigantine is first observed, and later it is said that the infamous pirate, Captain William Kid, buried treasure somewhere beneath the white sands of Brigantine's beaches. Many have searched for it, yet it still remains hidden. Who knows what treasures you could turn up with a bucket and shovel! Later in the 1700's, Brigantine was owned by several families whose large land holdings were known as plantations. American privateers were said to hide in the north and south inlets, waiting to strike disabled British ships during the Revolutionary War. Brigantine's waterways were also used by Whalers to execute attacks on whales migrating from New England.

    With the advent of the 1800's, there was an attempt to modernize the wild shores of Brigantine Beach by the Brigantine Improvement Company. Its name was changed for a short time to "North Atlantic City" with the addition of a rail line that connected Brigantine to Philadelphia. There were sixteen trolleys that ran the length of the island and steam powered ferries that transported people from Brigantine to Atlantic City during the "Naughty Nineties".

    Then in 1924 with the construction of a bridge that linked Brigantine to Atlantic City, Brigantine Beach truly began to develop into the hidden gem that it is today. Land prices boomed, the historic Brigantine Lighthouse was built as an attraction, and the dream of a school, boardwalk and golf course was soon to be a reality!

    As time passed many of the quaint, little beach cottages that sprinkled Brigantine's shoreline, were replaced by larger, more elaborate shore homes and condominiums. Restaurants, bars, shopping and piers soon were added to the lavish landscape. In the 1970's the rustic Seahorse Fishing Pier at the North End of the Island, which was mainly utilized by locals, offering a few kiddie amusements, a local shot and beer bar and pier fishing, was transformed into what is now remembered as the legendary Brigantine Haunted Castle and Amusement Pier. The Brigantine Castle put the secluded little fishing town on the map, drawing hundreds of visitors onto the island every summer to experience the thrills and chills of the Haunted Castle and the excitement of the amusement pier, which offered food, games of chance, an arcade, shopping and yes, a fishing pier! Sadly, the Castle burnt down in the late 1980's after it had been closed down due to insurance issues and sold to a developer. It still remains one of the most famous amusement piers in the area's history.

    With the advent of casino gambling, this hidden paradise became a highly coveted, exclusive beach community that offered sandy, white beaches, beachfront, bay front, fairway and lagoon front homes. Its convenient location just a few miles outside of what was to become the second biggest gaming capital in the world, helped Brigantine flourish into the the beautifully landscaped, bedroom community that it is today, offering the charm and safety of small town, beach living, coupled with the allure and excitement that is always waiting beneath the neon lights of Atlantic City's casinos!

    Brigantine Beach.... is truly an island you will love for life!
  • Opening day of Beach Farmer's market is Jan. 28th, 2014. With the long awaited summer season coming, Brigantine Beach is looking toward enhancing it's summer festivities with a Farmer's Market that is anticipated to run every Saturday for eight consecutive weeks. Although still in the planning stages, its primary focus will be farm fresh produce, but might be expanded to include health screenings and healthy cooking demos! The site has not yet been decided upon, but the 15th street field is among those being seriously considered. Good, healthy fun on the island you'll love for life!
  • Many potential home buyers have voiced concerns about flood insurance in the aftermath of Sandy, but finally Brigantine Beach has received some good news, as released by the the local Brigantine Beachcomber News.
    Brigantine homeowners were thrilled to learn that Brigantine Beach received the highest level of FEMA compliance. What does this mean? Well, Brigantine will be awarded a 45% reduction in flood insurance premiums, and as a result flood insurance premium rates are discounted to echo the diminished flood risk that was achieved by community activities that met the three goals of the CRS. NFIP and CRS are two voluntary incentive programs that identify and promote community floodplain management incentives, which exceed the national minimum flood plan requirements. Flood insurance premium rates are then discounted to reflect the reduced flood risk resulting from the community actions meeting the three goals of the CRS. Congratulations Brigantine Beach!

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